Saving enough to secure your retirement income is a challenge.  Paying tens of thousands of dollars for long term care expenses is another challenge in itself.  Protect your retirement nest egg with long term care insurance for extended health care expenses.


What does Long Term Care Insurance cover?

Long-term care is different from traditional medical care.  Traditional medical care treats or cure illnesses. Long-term care will help you maintain your current lifestyle. It assist with normal daily activities, such as eating, getting around, and bathing. It helps people cope with the cost of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease, or various disabilities, supervision, protection, reminders to take medicines or perform other activities.


You would prefer to get long-term care services at your own home which is available with funds from your long term care insurance policy.  Also you can receive care in a hospice, adult day care center, nursing home, or assisted living facility.


Have your cake and eat it too.

Pacific Life has a long-term care policy that can help.  It may increase your funds you have available to help pay for long term health care, should you need it, and help you maintain the quality of life you've come to expect and the freedom of choice you want to protect.  Some of the features it has:Tax Free benefits paid monthly, Tax Free death proceeds paid to beneficiaries, money back return of premium if used.


We have streamlined the quoting process for long term care insurance coverage.  Get a decision in one week.  Contact us today.





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